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Caring for your Wrappy

1. Caring for your Wrappy is really extremely easy! If you do it properly, your Wrappy will serve you faithfully for at least 1 year.

2. We recommend you use cold or luke warm water, soap and a spong cloth to gently clean your Wrappy. If you use a dish brush, we recommend you use a soft bristle brush.

3. Do not ever put your Wrappy in the dish washer as they will melt and be beyond repair (and leave your dishwasher quite messy).

4. Do not use warm or hot water as the coating of your Wrappy will melt and the useful life time will be shortened dramatically.

5. Do not use any kind of chemical, solvent, vinegar or similar to clean your Wrappy.

6. Keep your Wrappy in a tempered place, e.g. a drawer.

7. Do not place on warm or hot surfaces like a radiator or stove.

8. Do not use in your oven or microwave.