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Allergen Information & Product Safety

  • All beeswax contain propolis. If you are allergic to honey you may not be able to use Wrappy. Allergy towards bee stings and allergy to propolis are generally not correlated.
  • Our rosin is made from Mediterranean gum rosin. If you have significant pine allergy, you may not tolerate the use of pine rosin. We have no recorded instances of allergic reactions from food wraps.
  • Jojoba oil is not a known allergen. If you believe you may be allergic to jojoba oil, we recommend to not use food wraps. Jojoba vegetable oil contains a low amount of the appetite suppressant Simmondsin. However, in the case of food wraps this is irrelevant. First of all, jojoba oil is actually edible but not digestible. Secondly, Its properties makes it an excellent oil for use in wraps. The content of Simmondsin in food wraps is so low that a person would have to eat at least 150 wraps per day to notice any appetite reduction effect. In real terms, this makes jojoba oil perfectly safe for use in wraps.
  • Traces of pesticides may be detectable in some beeswaxes. In Wrappy it is either not detectable or in so insignificant levels that a human would have to literally eat 10,000 wraps to reach a potentially problematic level. A recent analysis by the Danish ministry for food confirmed that the levels found in our wraps are insignificant and of no consequence for food contact. To be extra safe, we have batch control for all waxes supplied to us, thus giving you and us that extra feeling of certainty.