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Food wrap

Handmade in Denmark

How it works

There are so many wonderful ways to use your Wrappy. But no matter how you use it, you can be sure to save plastic and aluminum foil and at the same time keep your food fresher for longer. Using Wrappy saves food naturally – instead of trapping moisture and gases in with your food, it creates an environment where that apple or avocado won’t go brown so quickly; where cheese stays fresh longer without the edges drying out quickly and where it simply as stated previously keeps your food fresher for longer.

So not only is it super easy to use, there is also a feel-good factor that will give you pleasure every single time you use your Wrappy or you share it as a gift.

Please see the following sections for our best advise on how to use and how to care for your Wrappy:


Our products

Every single pack of Wrappy was made with love by skilled Danish workers at our farm based production site. This way we can also ascertain that the quality of each individual sheet of fabric is perfect.
The ingredients have been carefully selected by us personally in careful cooperation with specialists in Europe. When we select partners and ingredients we pay utmost attention to both food safety, environmental concerns and social responsibility.
Our all natural products are comprised of GOTS certified organic cotton, which is then carefully coated with a blend of beeswax or vegan wax, Mediterranean resin and organic jojoba oil.

  1. The certified GOTS Organic cotton used for Wrappy is carefully picked and processed at a certified socially responsible cotton mill in India.
  2. The bees wax used for Wrappy is carefully harvested in Africa to ascertain the best possible quality and purity of the wax. In this way we eliminate any regional concerns for the competition for food related to the wild bee population in Scandinavia
  3. The vegan wax used for Wrappy is a proprietary blend supplied by one of the leading natural wax companies in Europe. Most of the content is sourced from responsible partners in India
  4. The resin used for Wrappy is Mediterranean gum resin. We favor this resin for its especially high quality and its short transportation route.
  5. The organic vegetable oil used is from the jojoba plant. Jojoba oil is superior to any other plant oil and is safe in use. The appetite suppressant Simondsin, which is found in jojoba oil, is completely safe but also completely insignificant in wax wraps.
  6. The printing color used: You will not find colorful designs in Wrappy. Wrappy therefore is printed with one of the only colors that pass the strict Danish food safety requirements. We have found during our extensive research in this area, even if many colors are approved for GOTS printing and dyeing purposes they have not been proved safe for food contact.

Even our packaging is made with the greatest care. All Wrappy packaging is made at the highest certified printer in Denmark. Wrappy packaging is Cradle-to-Cradle certified, made from FSC pulp, and printed with environmental colors


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Our story

Wrappy was founded in 2018 by Jorgen and Anne. Already deeply involved in sales of sustainable products in North Europe, Jorgen teamed up with Anne to create another success in the sustainability market. Anne left her career as a teacher, with the support of her husband Poul-Henrik and took on the task of manufacturing Wrappy for the booming market.

Teaming up with the leading distributor GreenGenius for distribution in the Nordic region complemented by sales to distribution partners in Germany, production was quickly scaled to match the large retail customers in Scandinavia and Germany, and ready to serve the most demanding retailers in Europe.

Wrappy is made at a beautiful property an hour west of Copenhagen, in harmony with the beautiful nature surrounding it.

Contact us


Wrappy ApS
Artebjergvej 2
DK-4400 Kalundborg
CVR: 39422093
Email: ap@wrappy.dk


Wrappy ApS
Artebjergvej 2
DK-4400 Kalundborg
CVR: 39422093
Email: jdr@wrappy.dk