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€ 10.95

  • This pack contains 2 sheets (1 sheet each of: 26x26 cm & 34x34 cm)

  • Purely vegan, no trace of any animal content

  • Made from certified organic cotton, organic jojoba oil, Mediterranean gum rosin and pure vegetable waxes

  • Packed in certified Cradle-to-Cradle FSC packaging

  • No potentially hazardous print and inks

  • Tested to comply with the Danish regulation and the EU standard 1935/2004

When using Wrappy, you contribute to a reduction of the single use plastics and foils in the everyday.
Equally good, using Wrappy will mean a reduction of your food waste! Wrappy keeps your food fresher for longer!
Each sheet will last for about 1 year depending on use and care.
For tips to usage and care, please see our HOW TO USE section.