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Careful consideration was given to the choice of materials, given that Denmark is not home to large quantities of bees wax, nor rosin or suitable vegetable oils.

  • Organic Cotton: No compromises! obviously we use GOTS certified cotton to ensure both organic excellence and social accountability. The cotton is sourced from one of the most reputable cotton mills in India.
  • Bees Wax: With very limited quantity possibilities within Europe and the EU to procure sustainable amounts of locally harvested beeswax, Wrappy turned to one of the leading European companies to source our beeswax for use as an import.

    The beeswax Wrappy uses is subject to strict health and food safety requirements as well as to extensive quality control before additional processing by state-recognized laboratories. Wrappy’s beeswax producer is an EU-approved company that is fully authorized and compliant to export beeswax to the EU.

    Of course, when the beeswax arrives within the EU, veterinary authorities also ensure that the beeswax complies with the legal requirements and guidelines, as it should and has. In addition, our supply chain is characterized by transparency and constant quality control thus guaranteeing Wrappy’s customers the best possible quality final product.

    To further our desire for the purest ingredients possible, for 2020 Wrappy made the decision to only source beeswax from natural honeycomb construction. In this particular type of beekeeping, no bee medicinal products are generally used or allowed, so that the resulting wax obtained is purer and more genuine.

    With both our selection of a purveyor within the EU and for natural honeycomb construction sourced beeswax, Wrappy both supports beekeepers in the poorest regions of the world and ascertains social compliance, thus providing you the best possible final product

  • Rosin: we use Mediterranean gum rosin (pine) as this displays excellent properties for the use in wraps and can be procured close to production, thus avoiding long distance transport
  • Jojoba Oil: We use certified organic and GMO free jojoba oil from Argentina. The natural properties of jojoba oil help to prolong the life of your Wrappy
  • Colors: There is a good reason why we do not use different colors in Wrappy. Ink and colors are renown for potential migration of harmful substances. We spent 6 months identifying just 1 color that could pass the very harsh Danish food contact tests – one of the toughest on the planet