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Wrappy Medium – Pack of 3 sheets

€ 15.99

  • This pack contains 3 sheets each 27 x 27 cm

  • Ideal for sandwiches, lunch box packing and small bowls of salad

  • Each sheet carefully crafted in Denmark

  • Made from organic cotton, organic jojoba oil, Mediterranean gum rosin and purified bees wax

  • Packed in certified Cradle-to-Cradle FSC packaging

  • No potentially hazardous print and inks

  • Tested to comply with the harsh Danish regulation for food contact materials

When using Wrappy, you contribute to a reduction of the single use plastics and foils in the everyday.

Equally good, using Wrappy will mean a reduction of your food waste! Wrappy keeps your food fresher for longer!

Each sheet will last for about 1 year depending on use and care.

Wrappy wraps have a subtle scent of beeswax that will reduce with time and use. There is no migration of scent to your food items

For tips to usage and care, please see our HOW TO USE section.